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New installation SiPlan 2022
Version 5.5.0 - Stand 2022-08-16
Structural calculation of mechanical components
Windows 10, Windows 11
Click on > Download < in order to download the installation file.

Instructions for downloading SiPlan 2022
1. Download the installation file via button Download SiPlan
2. Select "save as".
3. Quit SiPlan after the download has finished and execute Installation/Update.
4. SiPlan 2022 can be restarted.

If you experience problems during the download process, please contact us on +44 1908 281052 or

For help with the installation see also > Readme < 

After the installation of SiPlan you will require a license, which you can apply for via Sikla UK Limited. Please complete the license form and send the file to Sikla UK -

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